General questions

Who are we (Rejoice Christian Media) ?
  We are a team of individuals who want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music by promoting and supporting ethnic South Asian Gospel musicians. Our goal is to make ethnic gospel music easily accessible to South Asian Christians globally by using the power of internet.  Read more about Rejoice Christian Media on our About Us page.

What is our vision ?
 Use music as a medium to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and see Him glorified, worshiped and praised.
 Promote and distribute ethnic South Asian Gospel music globally.
  Provide easy access to ethnic gospel music by using internet as a medium
How does Rejoice promote and distribute ethnic Gospel music ?
  Rejoice will use numerous online digital stores and Rejoice’s website to distribute ethnic Gospel music. The digital stores include iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, XboxLive, eMusic, Rhapsody, etc.  Most of the music will also be available for download from the Shop page of our website www.rejoicechristianmedia.com.
I am a Gospel musician. How can Rejoice help promote and distribute my music ?

  If you are a ethnic South Asian gospel musician, Rejoice is very happy to help promote and distribute your work. For additional details please email us at [email protected]

Previewing and downloading questions

How can I use iTunes to preview or download music released by Rejoice ?

  To preview and download music using iTunes you need to setup access to iTunes. Please refer to below step by step support document that walks you through the process : http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2534

  You will also be able to download music in similar fashion from our other online distributors. Please refer to specific instructions on the online distributor’s websites.

  And you will also be able to purchase and download directly from our Shopping page here.

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