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Rejoice’s Digital Music Stores

Rejoice Christian Media partners with TuneCore to make South Asian ethnic gospel music available globally through the most popular digital stores around the world like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify, and more.  Below are just some of our top stores where you can find South Asian gospel music released by Rejoice Christian Media.


iTunes is the largest music store on planet Earth and is now available in over 100 countries to anyone with a computer, iPad or iPhone.  And now with FREE iTunes Radio, Apple gives listeners gives more power to the listener.   For more details about iTunes Radio click here.


The on-demand streaming service everyone’s talking about. Spotify is available in over 20 countries with big plans to expand.   Read More


The biggest retailer on planet Earth also sells music downloads in all major music markets.  Read More


Google’s entry into digital music covers downloads and streaming subscriptions.  Read More


Rdio is a online audio streaming application that works on your desktop, Android, BlackBerry, WIndows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Sonos and Roku systems.   Read More


Available in more countries than any other streaming music service, Deezer is boasts of more than 20 million global users.  Read More


When Xbox-ers want to hear music they rely on Xbox music. There are nearly 35 million Xbox Live members who have access to music on one of the premier gaming consoles.


A key player in the U.S., Rhapsody bought Napster and is expanding the Napster brand across Europe.   Rhapsody and Napster are pure music brands and are not just in the game to sell devices.   Rhapsody allows you to download or stream music directly from its website or its mobile application.  Read More


Be part of a highly-curated download service with discounted offerings for subscribers.  emusic has a dedicated user base and eMusic subscribers are considered frequent music consumers who value the store’s opinion. Read More


Music fans get access to over 16 million songs in the cloud through this music streaming provider in Germany.


As a Muve Music user, your phone and your music are one. Your mobile plan includes a music subscription.


With a recent high-profile relaunch, MySpace Music gives MySpace users easy access to your music.


The digital platform for Clear Channel, iHeartRadio gives users access to more than 750 live streams of U.S. radio stations. It’s all about discovery here.


Nokia bundle a high-quality MP3 digital download store with a wide variety of their phones and other handheld devices.  Nokia sells millions of devices worldwide – with access to music built in.


One distribution point that gets you in multiple stores. MediaNet powers services like MOG (soon to be Beats Music). Easy access to multiple retailers, all through one click.


A middle man who connects you with virtual reality service IMVU, the new HMV Digital Music store and many more.  Vervelife builds music experiences for brands and as their network grows, so does yours.


A highly curated by local editorial teams (Scandinavia) with one consumer goal in mind: music discovery.

Sony Music Unlimiated

Sony, a household name around the world, enables music to be played on Sony handhelds, tablets and some third party devices using this Streaming service.  Sony is trusted among music consumers.


Top-notch music recognition technology that lets music fans identify and discover popular music.


A popular tool for identifying unfamiliar songs anywhere and everywhere. The social aspect of the service lets you discover, explore, buy and share the music you find.



Made by music lovers for music lovers, 7digital offers a simple-to-use experience that is the backbone of dozens of mobile & desktop music services.  Easy access to multiple retailers, all through one click.

juke mymusic

Juke is the flagship service of German company 24-7 Entertainment, which also powers the music stores of Media Markt, Play.com, Medion, Danish Telekom and more.

jb hi-fi

JB Hi-Fi is synonymous with music in Australia.


Slacker Radio lets your fans discover, share and buy your music via 300+ radio stations.  Slacker comes pre-installed on millions of smartphones and consumer electronics devices, in addition to being available for free in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

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